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    1. I'm excited to join 8K Miles' Board at the crucial time of the company's growth. I look forward to contributing to the enterprise growth strategy and making an impact on the success of the company's next phase.
      By Board of Directors
    2. Ann Vezina specializes in business process outsourcing and her expertise will be invaluable to our global business services, particularly our Concentrix business, in the coming years. We look forward to her contributions as a member of the SYNNEX Board of Directors.
      By Duane Zitzner
    3. Ann's expertise in growing a BPO business and her particular expertise in human resources provides an important perspective as we build our business to succeed in a complex global environment.
      By Kevin Murai
    4. We are very pleased to have Ken join our board.
      By Christopher E. French
    5. We are pleased to welcome Jerry Windlinger to the Parsley Board.
      By Bryan Sheffield
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