1. Cable: Still Not Enough Women On UK Boards

    Cable: Still Not Enough Women On UK Boards

    Vince Cable has warned the “threat of EU mandatory targets” forcing big companies to appoint many more women onto their boards is still a real possibility because the UK has yet to meet its 25% goal. It comes as the Business Secretary publishes a list of the 10 "most improved" FTSE 100 companies, including household names like HSBC, in a bid to persuade other companies to follow suit. Capita ...

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    1. Seeing the enormous progress made by these 10 top FTSE 100 companies demonstrates that the UK's voluntary, business-led approach is working. Our target of 25% women on boards by 2015 is in sight.
    2. I have never doubted that the UK has plenty of talented senior women, capable and willing to serve on FTSE boards.
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