1. David Pitofsky Named News Corp. General Counsel

    David Pitofsky Named News Corp. General Counsel

    David Pitofsky has been named General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for News Corp., the company announced on Thursday. He had been serving as Deputy General Counsel and Deputy Chief Compliance Officer of News Corp since 2013. As General Counsel, Pitofsky will oversee global legal operations for News Corp, including litigation, mergers and acquisitions, ethics and corporate governance ...

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    1. Over the past two years I have worked with David, he has proven himself to be a first-rate lawyer whose insights and advice have been invaluable.
    2. I am grateful to Gerson for his steadfast leadership during the separation of our two companies and this time of transition for the new News Corp.
    3. I'm honored to succeed Gerson, from whom I've learned so much, and thrilled to have the chance to work even more closely with Robert and everyone at News Corp.
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