1. It's a $28.3 Billion Insurance Mega Deal

    It's a $28.3 Billion Insurance Mega Deal

    The boards of both companies have agreed to the deal that will see Chubb shareholders receive $62.93 per share in cash and 0.6019 in Ace shares. Chubb shares closed at $95.14 on Tuesday, and so the deal is about a 30% premium to that price. Ace's stock closed at $101.68 per share. Ace shareholders will own about 70% of the new company. In premarket trading, Chubb shares jumped by up to 35%, and Ace rallied by up to 11%...

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    1. We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Chubb, a venerable company with a great brand.
    2. We have seen over $1.8 tn in M&A volume so far this year and we fully expect the heavy pace to continue going forward.
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