1. Hope Cochran and Mary Beth West Join Hasbro's Board of Directors

    Hope Cochran and Mary Beth West Join Hasbro's Board of Directors

    Hasbro, Inc., a branded play and entertainment company, today announced that Hope Cochran, former Chief Financial Officer of King Digital, and Mary Beth West, Executive Vice President, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer for J.C. Penney Company, have been appointed to Hasbro's board of directors, effective immediately. This Smart News Release features multimedia ...

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    1. Our business and our brands are stronger, more global and more pervasive than ever before, and I'm thrilled we've found two dynamic business leaders whose expertise will help us further deliver against our Brand Blueprint strategy.
    2. Hope brings exceptional financial and gaming expertise to the board, and we very much appreciate her experience managing global teams and businesses.
    3. We believe Mary Beth's strong marketing experience and P&L experience, especially working on transformative businesses, will be extremely valuable as Hasbro continues to evolve from a toy company into a branded play and entertainment leader.
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