1. Lack of Women in Top Roles Blamed Gender Pay Gap

    Lack of Women in Top Roles Blamed Gender Pay Gap

    Nicola Sturgeon last announced that "time is right" to use targets to ensure more women make it into the boardroom in both the public and private sector . The First Minister, who has already balanced her own government, with half of all ministers women, wants 50/50 gender balance on boards by 2020. Former trade minister Lord Davies shortly after Ms Sturgeon last year announced that one quarter of FTSE100 board members were women under a voluntary scheme.....

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    1. While there are no penalties for breaching the rules, the risk of reputational damage is high. Some critics believe the rules lack teeth but the public scrutiny firms will face through
    2. That's why as part of wider efforts to reduce economic inequality, I set a challenge to all public, private and third-sector bodies to get a 50:50 gender split on boards by 2020.