1. How CEOs' Paychecks Can Impact Their Employees

    How CEOs' Paychecks Can Impact Their Employees

    Of that 21% who disapprove of their CEO's compensation, 57% of respondents said it negatively affects their view of the company , but only 26% intend ...

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    1. Those at higher levels within the organization tend to be more aware of their CEO's compensation in the first place, and they also tend to have higher approval ratings.
    2. We see today that the demographic of people aware of their CEO's compensation tends to be those employees with more responsibility within the organization—executives, directors, etc. They also tend to be older and have higher incomes themselves.
    3. The total compensation for CVS's CEO Larry Merlo was about $10 million higher than in 2015.
    4. Employees are likely more accepting of high CEO pay when they understand the logic behind it.
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