1. Activist Investor McKeever Targets Boardroom Gender Gap

    Activist Investor McKeever Targets Boardroom Gender Gap

    The chief executive at a plastics company was playing golf. A lot of golf. The activist hedge fund Barington Capital Group, through a website that tracked golfers’ handicaps, found that the chief executive was routinely playing 18 holes or more on weekdays, even as the company’s stock price was lagging...

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    1. This was a perfect example of why diversity of all types — not only gender and multicultural diversity, but also operational and skill-set diversity — is needed in the boardroom.
    2. The board's chumminess and insularity were impediments to making those difficult, but necessary, decisions.
    3. Weak governance practices, including a lack of diversity, coincides frequently with poor valuations.
    4. Having worked with Dianne for almost seven years, it is not surprising to me that she would start an activist hedge fund focused on improving gender diversity.
    5. We believe diversity at every level of the company is critical to Boingo's success.
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