1. Five CEOS On The Skills It Takes To Land The Corner Office

    Five CEOS On The Skills It Takes To Land The Corner Office

    The lure of the top corner office is strong, but there’s a reason not everybody grows up to be the head of a company—the job is a massive undertaking. CEOs are asked to do it all: setting strategy, closing deals, hiring people, firing people, calming irate customers, fixing broken light switches. And sometimes that’s just by 10 a.m. on Monday. Of course, the job doesn’t end there...

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    1. The ability to scale will come from stripping out distraction and complexity from the system.
    2. That applies whether you're looking for investment dollars or appealing to the board of directors on something you really want to make a priority for the company.
    3. When you're at the top, you're the primary target for people's criticism.
    4. I didn't expect to have to pitch in and work production for huge orders.
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