1. Why You Need to Focus on Diversity Before It's Too Late

    Why You Need to Focus on Diversity Before It's Too Late

    Failing to prioritize diversity leads to disastrous consequences. Take the recent influx of sexism and discrimination claims at Uber, for example.

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    After multiple former employees came forward to claim that their harassment at work was being mishandled by human resources, a number of the company’s top executives stepped down, including, most recently, Uber’s president Jeff Jones...

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    1. Despite actions by tech companies to improve diversity, discriminatory behavior is occurring far too frequently.
    2. If your workforce and customer base mirror the changing demographics in society, then your leadership should be diverse.
    3. Needless to say, we don't use that image anymore.
    4. If your best and brightest young professionals are walking away from your organization, it's not because they can't perform.
    5. If there are no millennials or younger people at the company.
    6. Look around the room during important meetings where decisions are made, and take note of the group's diversity.
    7. If the company had had a more diverse leadership team, where women's and other voices could be heard, the organization would have had a far more welcoming culture.
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