1. PPG Says Paint's Not Dry on $24B Akzo Nobel Bid

    PPG Says Paint's Not Dry on $24B Akzo Nobel Bid

    A $24 billion, trans-Atlantic standoff between two of the world's biggest paint makers -- and two of its oldest companies -- is heating up. PPG Industries Inc. Chief Executive Michael McGarry said the Pittsburgh-based paint giant isn't ruling out a sweetened offer, or a hostile takeover, in its so-far spurned efforts to buy Dutch rival Akzo Nobel NV. "We're not taking any options off the table," Mr. McGarry said in an interview Wednesday...

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    1. We're not taking any options off the table.
    2. In regards to whether we would do any higher offer, the bottom line is the parties need to get together in a private, collaborative, substantive manner.
    3. It's not our job to advise on how an unsolicited offer should be improved in any way.
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