1. Arbitron COO to Join Board

    Arbitron COO to Join Board

    Arbitron COO Sean R. Creamer will join the company's board of directors. Marsh & McLennan Companies appointed J. Michael Bischoff CFO. Former A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts CFO and Chief Administrative Officer David Stern will join Pep Boys as CFO.

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    1. We are pleased to announce that, after a thorough search, we have chosen Mike to serve as the company's Chief Financial Officer on a continuing basis.
    2. I am excited to add David to the executive leadership team at Pep Boys. We were attracted to his hands-on and collaborative approach. David has broad experience supporting the operations of several successful retailers in the areas of financial planning and analysis, technology enhancement and corporate growth.
    3. Bank of America shareholders will benefit from the global perspectives, diverse insights and depth of experience these leaders possess, They have a range of expertise in leading large, complex organizations, some in highly regulated industries with global businesses, that will enhance the board of directors.
    4. Hubert was an outstanding candidate for this position and I am confident he will be a great fit for Best Buy.
    5. We have people who understand print very well, the best in the business.
    6. I am excited to welcome both Lane and Jeff to our board of directors.
    7. Luís' exceptional experience across the corporate, government and regulatory sectors gives him a broad and deep understanding of corporate governance and the role of vibrant, transparent capital markets in global economic growth.
    8. We're delighted that Stephanie will be joining our board. Her experience in the consumer internet sector, along with her strategic insight and leadership skills will prove particularly valuable to us.
    9. Jack Brennan knows what shareholders care about and what good governance looks like.
    10. We are very pleased to welcome Bonnie Howard to our board.
    11. We are pleased to welcome Sharon to the OfficeMax board of directors.
    12. Mr. Bucknor is a well-respected Ghanaian economist and businessman who will bring significant financial and governmental experience, as well as extensive knowledge of one of Newmont's strategic development and operating regions, to Newmont's board.
    13. George has years of proven results in business and financial leadership, innovation, and management.
    14. We regularly consider the composition of our board of directors, and are pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel to Regis' board.
    15. Tom brings a unique breadth of practical and academic insight into business administration, finance and economics.
    16. Joe is a proven leader with a record of success at the company.
    17. Jim Skinner's long and successful record in retail and customer experience, both across the nation and around the world, will be enormously helpful at a time when Walgreens is launching with Alliance Boots the first global pharmacy-led health and wellbeing enterprise.
    18. Our company is strongly committed to the highest standards for health, safety and environmental stewardship. Jody's presence on the board will add a unique and valuable perspective, and help to advance our commitment to operational excellence around the world.
    19. Lou has more than 30 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has been an invaluable member of our senior management team.
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