1. Six Ways to Find Advisory Board Members By: Susan Hammond

    Six Ways to Find Advisory Board Members By: Susan Hammond



    Now that you've made the decision to form an advisory board you need to find advisors.  Enlisting family and friends is not a good idea despite their best intentions. So where and how do you locate advisors?  

    Here are six suggestions on how to identify prospective advisors:

    • Look to the organizations you volunteer with and the people you serve with (i.e. nonprofit boards, Little League etc.).
    • People who have left you with a good impression recently.
    • Former customers, vendors, and clients you do not expect to do business with again. 
    • Ask your CPA, attorney and any consultants you may be working with.  Sometimes these firms maintain a list they may be willing to share.
    • Family and friends, who can suggest appropriate colleagues.
    • Other CEOs with advisory boards.

    This is a recruiting process. Selecting the appropriate advisors is similar to hiring key senior executives.  Your search will only be effective if you know what you are looking for.  By this time you need to have completed the up-front work to identify what skills and talents are missing in your organization.  

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