1. Starbucks, Google Assailed by Shareholders Over Gender Policies

    Starbucks, Google Assailed by Shareholders Over Gender Policies

    Investors focused on social issues are finding that trickle-down diversity doesn’t work. For years, they surmised that having enough women on boards and in senior management would produce fairer policies. Now investors are changing tactics, saying it’s not enough and that employers also need to implement gender-pay equity and paid-leave policies that attract and retain women...

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    1. We take a competitive approach and evolve our benefits based on ongoing conversations with our partners as we learn more about their different benefits needs and preferences.
    2. Today, Alphabet is under fire for its lack of transparency on gender-pay equity, making it subject to federal, class action, and shareholder actions.
    3. Unfortunately, there isn't necessarily a correlation between having women on the board and in the C-suite and having fair policies and practices.
    4. Investors and the public are moving fast.
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