1. P&G Appoints Peltz to Board Despite Losing Proxy Battle

    P&G Appoints Peltz to Board Despite Losing Proxy Battle

    (Reuters) - Procter & Gamble Co ( PG.N ) said it appointed Nelson Peltz to its board despite the activist investor narrowly losing a months-long proxy fight, the biggest ever involving a U.S. company. The company’s shares were up 1 percent in after-market trading on Friday...

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    1. Because the election results were so close, and because a large number of shareholders voted for Nelson Peltz to be a director, the board has engaged in numerous discussions with Mr. Peltz regarding a board seat.
    2. I look forward to bringing fresh perspectives to the boardroom, and working collaboratively with (CEO) David and the rest of the board to drive sustainable long-term shareholder value at P&G.
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