1. FISION Appoints Global CFO, John Bode, to Board of Directors

    FISION Appoints Global CFO, John Bode, to Board of Directors

    He is currently the managing director of Aerie Investments, working on strategic initiatives with companies ranging from legacy media enterprises to digital start-ups. Recent engagements include serving on the board of directors and audit committee of a leading payments firm as it successfully completed ...

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    1. John brings to our board extensive entrepreneurial and senior management experience, particularly as a CFO of several global enterprises.
    2. John's appointment as our first independent director also enhances our corporate governance as a public company and advances us toward meeting the qualification for listing on a major exchange, like the Nasdaq Stock Market.
    3. I'm excited to join the board and work alongside Mike and his talented team as they enable enterprises with a patented technology that solves major pain points in the creation and management of digital content.
    4. FISION has developed an extremely valuable suite of tools that are just now starting to be recognized in the market.
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