1. Women Are Gaining Seats Without Power on Corporate America's Boards

    Women Are Gaining Seats Without Power on Corporate America's Boards

    The biggest U.S. companies, which have been promoting women directors amid evidence that gender diversity can lead to better financial results, give those women fewer leadership roles once they're on the board, according to a study. Among lead independent directors in the S&P 1500 in 2015, 57 were female compared with 539 who were men, according to the report, written by Yaron Nili, an assistant professor of law at the University of Wisconsin Law School...

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    1. A truly diverse board gives women more than a seat at the table -- it grants them the ability to have a voice and an impact.
    2. There is a significant disparity between the number and percentage of women as lead independent director, chairman of the board -- in case the CEO is not the chairman -- and those are even more important factors in controlling the board work as a whole.
    3. The shorter tenure of women on boards should be of potential concern.
    4. Some directors are very valuable and still important contributors even into their 15 to 20 years of service at a company.
    5. Looking just at the number of women on boards is - at the very best - the first step. We need to also make sure that the board is actually an equal opportunity place for women, and that means getting the opportunity to make an impact.
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