1. Fidessa postpones vote on Temenos bid to await possible counter offers

    (Reuters) - British software firm Fidessa ( FDSA.L ) postponed an imminent shareholder vote on whether to back a 1.4 billion pound ($2 billion) takeover bid from Switzerland’s Temenos ( TEMN.S ), saying it might receive two more offers. Fidessa said in a statement that it had received approaches “from two separate third parties who are each considering making an offer for Fidessa at a premium to the Temenos offer.” One of the potential new offers would be at a 5 percent premium to banking software supplier Temenos’s cash bid, it said. It did not disclose details of the other ...

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    1. Discussions with the third parties are ongoing and there can be no certainty that a formal offer from either will be forthcoming or as to the terms of any such offer.
    2. The Temenos offer will not lapse as a result of this announcement or the adjournment of the meetings
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