1. Activist Slams Crescent Point Energy, Seeks Board Seats

    Activist Slams Crescent Point Energy, Seeks Board Seats

    Crescent Point Energy is being targeted by an activist investor that's lambasting the company's management and threatening to wage a proxy fight. Cation Capital went public with its grievances early Monday, saying it plans to nominate four candidates for Crescent Point's board of directors at the company's annual meeting next month...

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    1. Cation was compelled to take this action given the significant destruction of shareholder value and the abject failure of current leadership across all aspects of the company including capital allocation, shareholder alignment and basic principles of good corporate governance.
    2. We believe Crescent Point’s assets have tremendous long-term potential and the ability to create significant value for all shareholders. However, the current board seems incapable of implementing a cohesive strategy to create value.
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