1. Silicon Valley Billionaires’ Favorite Nonprofit Crumbles Beneath Mounting Greed

    Silicon Valley Billionaires’ Favorite Nonprofit Crumbles Beneath Mounting Greed

    A Silicon Valley money machine soared with the tech boom, but grew greedy and obsessed with winning until its entire culture came crashing down around top executives who embodied its approach. This was no startup looking to “disrupt” a staid industry with a mobile app and a distaste for regulations, though...

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    1. BSF's investigation found that there were certain widespread workplace culture issues at SVCF, including a fear of speaking out or reporting workplace issues out of concern for retaliation, as well as a distrust of HR leadership.
    2. She was able to see how bringing in complex assets would be valuable to the foundation, not just bringing the gifts but also holding them. A lot of charities don't have the infrastructure to hold them.
    3. Ten years ago, not as much, but definitely now, a significant percentage of philanthropic planning has a DAF component, as some or all of the planning.
    4. Donor-advised funds represent a trend toward donor-centric charities.
    5. The legal fig leaf around DAFs is that the DAF sponsors like SVCF control where the grants are going.
    6. They would try to poach donors that aren't connected in their community.
    7. It's the donor who is their primary client. They want to preserve the donor's confidentiality, make sure it's made to their wishes.
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