1. Kay Ellen Consolver Joins Kumbaya Board of Directors

    Kay Ellen Consolver Joins Kumbaya Board of Directors

    Ms. Consolver brings global experience, and deep industry expertise and connections to help Kumbaya expand internationally to make an immediate impact on the alternative power sector Kumbaya ( www.Kumbaya.co ), the company bringing sustainable power, connectivity and content to off-grid communities globally, today announced the addition of Ms. Kay Ellen Consolver to its Board of Directors...

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    1. Kumbaya is tackling the challenge of connecting the next billion head-on, with a first-of-its-kind alternative power solution for off-grid communities that truly scales, both from a technology and a business perspective.
    2. Ms. Consolver's expertise, both from an industry perspective and as a start-up innovating to disrupt an established market, is truly invaluable.
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