1. Agrium chairman says Jana’s dissident board nominees are on a ‘golden leash’

    Agrium chairman says Jana’s dissident board nominees are on a ‘golden leash’
    CALGARY – The chairman of Agrium Inc. (TSX:AGU) says Jana Partners LLC is providing incentives to the nominees it wants installed on the fertilizer giant’s board, undermining their independence and putting them on a “golden leash.” Agrium’s current board and chief executive Mike Wilson have been outspoken critics of Jana, a New York-based fund manager Read the Rest of the Entry
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    1. Agrium has known this since we first disclosed our director nominees four months ago but is raising it now out of desperation.
    2. It is also preposterous that a board chairman that has purchased literally zero shares personally in almost seven years and a board that overall has invested so little personally in their own stock, and has acted accordingly, would seek to make an issue out of director alignment with shareholders.
    3. If these are Agrium's best arguments, we feel even more confident that real change is coming, and we look forward to releasing our own proxy to shareholders shortly.
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