1. Regulators Mull Massive Changes to PG&E Management, Structure

    Regulators Mull Massive Changes to PG&E Management, Structure

    California regulators are considering whether Pacific Gas and Electric Co. should shake up its leadership, split its core operations into separate companies or be transformed into a publicly-owned utility. In an announcement late Friday afternoon, the California Public Utilities Commission stressed it had not drawn conclusions but listed those possibilities among a series of provocative questions it will explore in the next phase of a long-running investigation into PG&E’s corporate culture...

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    1. This seems to be a watershed moment — a turning point to PG&E's history and, frankly, to PG&E's future.
    2. We're open to a range of solutions that will help make the energy system safer for the customers we serve.
    3. There needs to be a change in leadership and culture, and I hope the (commission's) ultimate action will force PG&E to heed my calls for a new direction if they won't do it voluntarily.
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