1. Dan Loeb Cuts DowDuPont Target as ‘Value Gap’ Lingers Into Split

    Dan Loeb Cuts DowDuPont Target as ‘Value Gap’ Lingers Into Split

    (Bloomberg) -- Activist investor Dan Loeb is trimming his expectations for DowDuPont Inc. just as the chemical giant prepares to break itself into three companies. Last May, Loeb’s Third Point hedge fund said in a letter to investors that the pending split could propel DowDuPont to $92 a share, closing a “value gap” of almost 50 percent. Instead, the shares lost value, and a cooling global economy has tempered Loeb’s view...

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    1. People have owned this name for a long time and it hasn't worked.
    2. Very few people want to own Dow or Lyondell or any kind of basic chemicals.
    3. Why the heck do I need to buy DowDuPont when in four or five months I can have my choice.
    4. The bull thesis is largely correct.
    5. The macroeconomic paranoia hit epic proportions in the fourth quarter.
    6. Everything that Dan Loeb and myself expected to happen inside the companies has happened. They are so much better today than they used to be.
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