1. Asia's Longest-Serving Directors Can Be Found in the Philippines

    Asia's Longest-Serving Directors Can Be Found in the Philippines

    (Bloomberg) -- Family-led enterprises are common across Asia yet the Philippines takes such control to the extreme. Philippine companies have the region’s oldest directors and the longest board tenures as owners and their trusted advisers keep tight hold on the reins of banking, property and retail giants. This has implications in the region’s push for greater board diversity...

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    1. They could even step down as chair but still act as chair emeritus of the board. Family members are so used to working with the veterans -- they want that.
    2. In family-controlled firms, inevitably you will have long-tenured directors. It would be good to have independent directors with shorter tenures and fresh views to bring balance to the board.
    3. Leave companies alone and they will hire qualified people but at the management level to do the work.
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