1. What Does the ‘WeWork effect’ Mean for IPOs in 2020?

    What Does the ‘WeWork effect’ Mean for IPOs in 2020?

    The public crash and burn of WeWork’s initial public offering and poor early performances from high-priced startups that actually managed to go public in 2019 likely won't stop other “decacorns” from testing the IPO market in 2020, but it may change how they do it. Some of the biggest “decacorns” — startups valued at $10 billion or more on the private markets — made it to market in 2019 as expected , but there are still others that waited and watched an uneven performance by their peers...

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    1. There used to be a time 10 years ago when no one talked about profitability.
    2. As infrastructure for companies has moved to cloud, a lot of companies that sell software to enterprises who have everything in the cloud are going to perform really well.
    3. People are saying it's going to get pushed out two to three years, but it's one of those things where it's ready, it's highly valued, but we still don't know when
    4. There are going to be exits either through IPOs or M&A.
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