1. Activist Litt Files for Shareholder Vote on Aimco Split

    Activist Litt Files for Shareholder Vote on Aimco Split

    Activist investor Jonathan Litt filed with regulators Tuesday to call a special meeting at Apartment Investment & Management Co. so shareholders can have a say on its plans to split its business into two parts. The move to seek support for a vote comes after Aimco ignored the investor’s request to hold a shareholder vote on the matter, which will see the company broken up into a real estate investment trust and a development company...

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    1. We also believe that a substantial majority of our fellow shareholders share these views.
    2. The board strongly believes in the merits of the announced transaction and remains committed to completing the transaction, and is confident this will lead to improved performance for both companies, resulting in increased value for all Aimco shareholders.
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