1. The Board’s Role in Sustainable Leadership

    The Board’s Role in Sustainable Leadership

    Sustainability—both social and environmental—has quickly risen to the top of corporate agendas in recent years...

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    1. Yesterday, sustainability was on the board agenda as a token to balance the social and environmental price of profit.
    2. You cannot change the business model unless shareholders buy in.
    3. These are complex issues, so it doesn't lend itself to the management team coming to the board with a recommendation.
    4. The sustainability agenda starts with the board.
    5. From a risk management perspective, the cost of non- conformance with sustainability standards is just going to get higher and higher.
    6. As soon as we started looking at it as a board.
    7. A CEO cannot do their sustainability work without support from the board.
    8. You don't need an expert, you need great directors.
    9. Picking the right CEO is the biggest impact we can have as a board on this issue.
    10. Board effectiveness is front of mind for institutional investors, activists, political and regulatory bodies, and the media.
    11. Given the tremendous attention on oversight of sustainability issues—a topic that most directors would not list as a core competency—self-assessment tools like these are especially valuable.
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