1. Sensient rebuffs bid by hedge fund to name 4 directors to board

    Sensient rebuffs bid by hedge fund to name 4 directors to board

    FrontFour says it's preparing for the board of directors election at the Sensient annual shareholders meeting. The date of the event hasn't been made public yet. Last year, the hedge fund won two board seats at chemical maker Ferro Corp., where it also ...

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    1. FrontFour is plainly seeking to exploit Sensient's strong financial position and industry-leading businesses for short-term gains that are not in the long-term interests of Sensient's shareholders and stakeholders. FrontFour's stated plans would be disruptive and would imperil the continued successful implementation of Sensient's strategy.
    2. FrontFour has chosen to spring its alleged concerns on Sensient in an abrupt manner calculated to cause disruption and to promote FrontFour's self-interested agenda.
    3. Sensient is a strong business with a great product offering. However, much work is needed for the company to reach its full potential. Significant opportunities exist to streamline the company's cost structure as the twenty-plus acquisitions that have created the current-day Sensient have, in our view, never properly been integrated.
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