1. DealBook: Walgreen Shareholder Opposes Potential Inversion

    DealBook: Walgreen Shareholder Opposes Potential Inversion

    The CtW Investment Group, while owning less than 1 percent of Walgreen’s shares, becomes one of the first investment groups to publicly push back against an increasingly popular maneuver...

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    1. We believe that a reincorporation overseas would be decidedly against the interests of Walgreen shareholders, who are overwhelmingly U.S.-based, and we strongly urge the company to commit to remaining in the U.S..
    2. Reincorporation carries risk of removal from the S.&P. 500 and other stock indices.
    3. In addition to the concerns outlined above, we fear that there could be political and reputational risks following an inversion, which would pose a clear contradiction with Walgreen's quintessentially American brand.
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