1. Enumeral Appoints Robert L. Van Nostrand to its Board of Directors

    Enumeral Appoints Robert L. Van Nostrand to its Board of Directors

    Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc. , announced today it has appointed Robert L. Van Nostrand to its Board of Directors. Mr. Van Nostrand is a seasoned biotechnology executive with an extensive background in finance, operations and accounting in public biotechnology companies in all stages of development...

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    1. Bob's broad experience as a senior biotech executive, in particular his key role in growing OSI from a small biotech company into a multi-billion biopharmaceutical company, adds tremendously to our board as we actively expand Enumeral's pipeline through internal development and strategic collaborations.
    2. Bob's deep biopharmaceutical industry experience and successful track record of service as an independent director of public biotech companies will greatly benefit Enumeral in achieving our strategic and operational objectives on behalf of our shareholders.
    3. I look forward to contributing to the board of directors as Enumeral grows into a sustainable, public biotechnology company by advancing a pipeline of best-in-class immunotherapy drug candidates.
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