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    John Paulson Joins Valeant's Board After his Firm took a Nearly $2 Billion Hit on Valeant Parexel to be Acquired by Pamplona Capital for $5 Billion Bruce Berkowitz to Leave Sears' Board of Directors Lululemon CEO Laurent Potdevin to Resign, Retailer cites 'Breach of Conduct' Sears CEO Under Pressure from Sears Canada Creditors Sears CEO Receives 'Numerous Inquiries From Potential Partners' for Asset Sale Lululemon Appoints Calvin McDonald as CEO JC Penney Taps Former Joann Stores Chief Jill Soltau as its CEO, Sending Shares Up Nearly 11% Taco Bell-Parent Yum Brands' CEO Greg Creed to Retire, to be Replaced by David Gibbs Gap Taps Old Navy Chief Sonia Syngal as CEO Executive Pay Hit a Record High For the Sixth Year in a Row in 2021 Stewardship in the Context of Geopolitical Risk