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    1. Elliott Push Lives on Despite Changed BHP Exposure

      Elliott Push Lives on Despite Changed BHP Exposure

      Paul Singer's Elliott Management has in recent months sold some BHP PLC shares and taken its exposure to the miner through other instruments instead. Bloomberg by Peter Ker Activist investor Elliott Management's exposure to the London half of BHP's dual-listed structure is believed to still be above 5 per cent, despite some recent share sales taking its direct shareholding below the crucial threshold...

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    2. Investors Pressure BHP Billiton Over Dual Listing

      Investors Pressure BHP Billiton Over Dual Listing

      Investors pressure BHP Billiton over dual listing Share BHP chief Andrew Mackenzie fronts investors on Tuesday to reports what is tipped to be the miner's best half-year profit since 2014. AAP by Peter Ker Two institutional investors want BHP Billiton to provide more detail on why the time is not right to unify its dual-listed structure as suggested by activist investor Elliott Management...

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