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    1. On the Purpose and Objective of the Corporation

      On the Purpose and Objective of the Corporation

      As we approach the first anniversary of the Business Roundtable’s abandonment of shareholder primacy and embrace of stakeholder governance, and the fourth anniversary of our development for the World Economic Forum of The New Paradigm: A Roadmap for an Implicit Corporate Governance Partnership Between Corporations and Investors to Achieve Sustainable Long-Term Investment and Growth, we thought it useful to consider in broader context the key issues of corporate governance and investor stewardship today...

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    2. Legal Liability for ESG Disclosures

      Legal Liability for ESG Disclosures

      Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues have become increasingly important over the past few years, and evaluating a company’s ESG disclosures has become a key tool used by many investors in making investment and engagement decisions. Many companies are, with increasing frequency, publishing ESG reports on their websites and incorporating ESG disclosure into mandatory filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission...

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