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    1. Vertica Systems appoints Thompson to board

      Solar Energy Initiatives, Vertica Systems, and SouthWest Water Company all added to their boards. Jeff Cogen and Sean Henry were named CEO and COO, respectively, to the Nashville Predators. Craig B. Thompson was named CEO and president of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Acting chairman Doug Sabra stepped down at Forward Industries, Frank LaGrance Johnson will become chairman.
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    2. Time Inc. Appoints Griffin CEO

      Time Inc. announced that Jack Griffin will replace Ann Moore as CEO. The Blackstone Grooup announced Robert Galvin as the CEO of Equity Healthcare. Oscar Rodriguez has been appointed CEO of Extreme Networks, effective August 23, 2010. Carl E. Lakey was added to the board of directors at Delta Petroleum. Aleris International elected Rick Wagoner to its board of directors. Celsion, a biotechnology drug development company, appointed Robert W. Hooper to its board.

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