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    1. BoardProspects.com Adds Lorenz Reibling to Board of Directors

      BoardProspects.com Adds Lorenz Reibling to Board of Directors

      BOSTON (November 19, 2014) –BoardProspects.com, the world’s largest online boardroom community, today announced that its shareholders have elected Lorenz Reibling to its board of directors.  Reibling is the Chairman and Founding Partner of Taurus Investment Holdings, LLC., a real estate private equity company based in Boston, MA.  “We are thrilled that Lorenz Reibling has joined our board of directors.  As an extraordinarily accomplished international executive, Lorenz will be a tremendous addition to our board,” said Mark Rogers, BoardProspects CEO. 

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    2. Landing Board Seats Live Webinar

      Landing Board Seats Live Webinar

      On Wednesday, November 19th from 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon, BoardProspects will host Landing Board Seats - our first live webinar.  This concise, 60 minute webinar is designed to help make yourself marketable as a serious Board of Directors candidate.

      Landing Board Seats is taught by Michael K. Lorelli.  As an experienced CEO, a Certified Outside Director, and Private Equity Operating Partner, Mike has been a PepsiCo division President, twice, served on the boards of several public companies, and Chaired Compensation Committees. He is presently an Operating Partner at Falconhead Capital, and Executive Chairman of Rita's Italian Ices, and ...

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