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    1. Activist Group Asks Tesla, Apple for Labor Policies

      Activist Group Asks Tesla, Apple for Labor Policies

      An activist firm is asking more than 30 big-name companies from Tesla Inc. to Apple Inc. to disclose more information on employment practices that it warns may be anti-competitive. CtW Investment Group, which works with a coalition of union pension funds with more than $250 billion in assets, is sending letters to more than 30 companies seeking disclosure on their policies that it says can set workers up for reduced mobility, lower pay or even the inability to escape workplace harassment...

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    2. Activist Litt said to ask Taubman to Consider Sale

      Activist Litt said to ask Taubman to Consider Sale

      Taubman Centers “welcomes open and constructive dialogue toward the goal of enhancing long-term value,” said the Bloomfield Hills-based landlord, which owns Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi. (Photo: Detroit News file photo) Jonathan Litt, the activist investor known for targeting real estate companies, is pushing for mall owner Taubman Centers Inc. to cut costs or consider a sale, according to the Wall Street Journal...

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