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    1. Talon Petroleum Limited (ASX:TPD) Board Matters

      Talon Petroleum Limited (ASX:TPD) Board Matters

      Talon Petroleum Limited Board has elected Mr Jeffrey Forbes to the position of Chairman following current Chairman Dr Armstrong's retirement coming into effect. 

      The Board is pleased to announce that it has appointed Mr Bruce Cowley as a Non-Executive Director of the Company following Dr Armstrong's retirement coming into effect.

      As a result of these changes, at the end of the Company's AGM on the 30th of May, the Board of Talon will comprise Mr Jeff Forbes (Chairman), Mr Bruce Cowley, Mr Angus Douglas, Mr Clifford Foss and Mr David Mason.

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    2. Leading Independent Proxy Advisor ISS Endorses Partners REIT's Plan to Internalize Management

      Leading proxy advisory firm, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), has recommended that unitholders of Partners Real Estate Investment Trust (Partners) (TSX:PAR.UN) vote in favour for the re-election of John van Haastrecht, Louis Maroun, Tim O'Neill and Saul Shulman to the board of trustees.

      ISS is the world's leading provider of corporate governance solutions to the global financial community. More than 1,700 clients rely on ISS' expertise to help them make more informed investment decisions on behalf of the owners of companies

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    3. Glencore brings in ousted BP boss as interim chairman

      Glencore brings in ousted BP boss as interim chairman

      By Clara Ferreira-Marques and Emma Farge LONDON/ZUG, Switzerland (Reuters) - Glencore Xstrata has appointed Tony Hayward as its interim chairman, a source with knowledge of the matter said, propelling the once "vilified" former BP chief executive into the limelight after an unexpected boardroom coup. John Bond, a City veteran and former chairman of Xstrata, earlier surprised investors by ...

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    4. Glencore Xstrata chairman ousted in surprise coup

      LONDON/ZUG, Switzerland (Reuters) - Glencore Xstrata Chairman John Bond surprised investors on Thursday by announcing he had been voted out of the top job at the miner and trader at the group's first annual shareholders' meeting. Related Stories Stobart's operating profit rises on transport, biomass Asda sales rise as lower prices pull in shoppers CEO of SocGen's Russia unit faces seven years on ...

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    5. Modine Announces Upcoming Retirement of Its Chairman, Gary L. Neale, and the Appointment of Marsha C. Williams as ...

      RACINE, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD) today announced the plans for Gary L. Neale to retire as Chairman of its Board of Directors following the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders on July 18, 2013. Mr. Neale has been a member of Modine’s Board of Directors since 1977 and became its Chair in 2008 after serving as independent Lead Director for five years. In ...

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    6. Washington Real Estate Investment Trust Announces Chairman Transition

      ROCKVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Board of Trustees of Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT) (NYSE: WRE) announced the election of Charles T. “Tuck” Nason as Chairman of WRIT. Mr. Nason will succeed John P. McDaniel, who has completed a three-year term of service as Chairman. John P. McDaniel Stepping Down as Chairman After serving for the past three years as Chairman of the Board ...

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