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    1. Unwired Planet Appoints Phil Vachon as Chairman of the Board

      RENO, Nev.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Unwired Planet, (Nasdaq: UPIP), today announced that Philip A. Vachon was appointed chairman of the company’s board of directors and chairman of the company’s Intellectual Property Committee. Mr. Vachon replaces Peter Feld, who will continue to serve on the board of directors. “We would like to thank Peter for his tremendous work and dedication to Unwired Planet over ...

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    2. MetLife Appoints Campbell to Board

      MetLife Appoints Campbell to Board
      MetLife appointed Kurt M. Campbell, founding partner, chairman and CEO of The Asia Group, to the board of directors. Previously, Campbell was assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs in the U.S. Department of State, and co-founded the Center for a New American Security nonprofit. “I am pleased to welcome Kurt to MetLife’s board of directors,” said Steven A. Kandarian, chairman and CEO of MetLife. “Kurt’s significant public policy background and deep knowledge of the Asia region, combined with his experience advising companies across a broad range of industries, will certainly benefit MetLife and ...
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    3. E*TRADE Adds Fahmi to Board

      E*TRADE Adds Fahmi to Board
      E*TRADE Financial appointed Mohsen Fahmi, Moore Capital Management senior portfolio manager, to the board of directors. Fahmi has held various positions at Moore Capital, including chief operating officer. Previously, he served as chief investment officer for The World Bank. “Mohsen brings a superb record of financial service industry experience to the E*TRADE Board, in particular, strong risk management expertise,” said Paul Idzik, CEO of E*TRADE Financial. “His addition will complement an already strong set of skills on our board.” Former SEC Chief Accountant James L. Kroeker joined the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) as vice chairman. Kroeker ...
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    4. Porter Bancorp, Inc. Announces Retirement of Maria L. Bouvette as Chairman and CEO

      LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Porter Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: PBIB), parent company of PBI Bank, announced today that Maria L. Bouvette will retire as Porter Bancorp’s Chairman of the Board and CEO, and as Chairman of the Board of PBI Bank on July 31, 2013. Effective with Ms. Bouvette’s retirement, W. Glenn Hogan is expected to be elected Chairman of the Board of Porter Bancorp, and John T ...

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    5. Santander Uk Ceo Joins Coke Board

      Santander Uk Ceo Joins Coke Board

      The Coca-Cola Company elected Ana Botín, Santander UK plc CEO, to the board of directors. Botín previously led corporate and investment strategies at JPMorgan, and served as executive chairman of Spain’s Banco Español de Crédito. “Ana brings an international perspective and a high level of financial expertise to our company,” said Muhtar Kent, chair and CEO. “Her knowledge of global macroeconomic issues, experience as an entrepreneur and commitment to sustainable communities will be invaluable as we continue to grow and develop our business around the world.” SUPERVALU named the final two members of its reconstituted board: Eric G. Johnson ...

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    6. John R. Kemp III to Retire from Kosmos Energy’s Board of Directors

      John R. Kemp III to Retire from Kosmos Energy’s Board of Directors

      DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kosmos Energy Ltd. (“Kosmos”) (NYSE: KOS) announced today that John R. Kemp III intends to retire as Kosmos Energy’s Chairman. Kemp will continue to serve in his current capacity until a successor is named. Kosmos’ Board of Directors has initiated a search process to identify a new Chairman. Kemp joined the Company’s Board as an independent director in 2005. Subsequently ...

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