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    1. European Commission - Directorate-General for Ente : Commission plans to

      modernise European company law and corporate governance 12/13/2012| 05:35am US/Eastern Commission plans to modernise European company law and corporate governanceThe European Commission has today adopted an Action Plan outlining future initiatives in the areas of company law and corporate governance. The Commission's analysis and consultations over the last two years clearly indicate that further improvements can

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    2. Digital China Named as Gold Award

      Digital China Holdings Limited : Winner of The Asset’s Corporate Awards 2012 12/13/2012| 04:41am US/Eastern (For immediate release) Winner of The Asset's Corporate Awards 2012 (13 December 2012, Hong Kong) Digital China Holdings Limited ("Digital China" or the "Group"; Stock Code: 00861.HK), China's largest integrated IT services provider, announced that it won the Gold Award of the Corporate Awards 2012 from The Asset magazine

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    3. EC unveils corporate governance action plan

      The European Commission has announced its radical plans to encourage shareholder engagement and to make cross-border business easier Proposals published today are designed to increasing transparency on corporate governance issues, encouraging shareholder engagement and supporting growth. The plans follow the so-called "shareholder spring" where shareholder activism challenged executives remuneration at a number of top companies including Barcays and Citigroup. The EC suggests further improvement

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    4. Corporations pay a heavy price for secrecy and opaqueness in operations

      Corporations pay a heavy price for secrecy and opaqueness in operations

      Shourya Mandal / Dec 13, 2012, 00:29 IST There are quite a number of corporations in India and abroad that have excelled in incorporating the values of good governance. It is equally true that there are many companies across the world, which have “trust deficit” in complying with the norms of governance. And yet, there is an awareness to permeate good business practices in the global space. Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 of the US

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    5. Action Plan

      European Commission - Directorate-General for Inte : on European company law and corporate governance: Frequently Asked Questions 12/12/2012| 11:53am US/Eastern European Commission MEMO Brussels, 12 December 2012 on European company law and corporate governance: Frequently Asked Questions What type of initiative does the include? The Action Plan announces 16 different actions to be taken by the Commission. Some of these will be proposals for new legislati

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    6. PhosAgro Wins “Russian Leaders in Corporate Governance

      PhosAgro Wins "Russian Leaders in Corporate Governance 2012" Award for Best Progress in Developing Corporate Governance Moscow - PhosAgro (or "the Company") (Moscow Exchange, LSE: PHOR), a leading global vertically integrated phosphate-based fertilizer producer, announces that it has been awarded for Best Progress in Developing Corporate Governance in the annual "Russian Leaders in Corporate Governance" competition. The competition is organised by the Investor Protection Association (IPA), which

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    7. Saipem adopts the new corporate governance code

      Saipem San Donato Milanese (Milan), 14 December 2006 - The Directors of Saipem met today to discuss the company's compliance with the guidelines and recommendations set out in the new version of the corporate governance code for listed companies, issued on 14 March 2006. The Board of Directors resolved to comply with the new version of the Code and agreed that any measures necessary to comply with any of its recommendations, which are not currently met by Saipem, will be taken in early 2007. The

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    8. Social Media And The Boardroom

      [author: Tim Banks] The Conference Board and the Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance recently published its 2012 Social Media Survey, entitled “What Do Corporate Directors and Senior Managers Know about Social Media?” What is the bottom line from the survey of 180 senior executives and corporate directors of North American public and private companies? Senior executives and directors appreciate the power and the risk of social media. But they are not engaged from a governa

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    9. Boardroom Diversity Is Good Corporate Governance

      Since 2009, board diversity in U.S. public companies has not moved, with women holding approximately 16% of board seats of Fortune 500 companies, an increase of less than 1%. In other words, there has been no change. Among the lessons of the financial crisis is that entrenched boards may have contributed to the problem. According to a number of studies, board diversity can help guard against "groupthink" which is more likely to occur among cohesive groups lacking social, cultural and ideological

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    10. Why Unemployment Is High — Ex-CBN Chief

      Why Unemployment Is High — Ex-CBN Chief

      print Published on December 11, 2012 by pmnews · No Comments A former Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr Titus Okunronmu, on Monday attributed the high unemployment rate in the country to poor corporate governance culture. Okunronmu made this known in Lagos at a public lecture tagged: “Corporate Governance: A Veritable Tool for a Stronger Nigeria”, organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). He said the poor

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    11. The Asset names winners of Corporate Awards 2012

      The Asset’s Excellence in Management and Corporate Governance awards provide a rigorous benchmarking service for the region’s listed companies. The criteria used to assess the companies include a range of metrics of financial performance, which are also a proxy for gauging management acumen. But since the purpose of the awards is also to recognize the importance of sustainable growth, companies are also evaluated according to the quality of their corporate governance, social responsibility, envi

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    12. Nat Rothschild reveals plan to buy out Bumi board members

      Nat Rothschild reveals plan to buy out Bumi board members

      Nat Rothschild said he had raised £213m to buy out the rival board members, chairman Samin Tan and Rosan Roeslani The saga of mining firm Bumi took another twist on Monday night as the banking scion Nat Rothschild said he has persuaded the five largest institutional investors to back his plan to save the business. Rothschild is attempting to oust influential Indonesian family the Bakries from ...

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    13. enhances Corporate Governance structure

      1d ago CORIO: 12/04 CORIO: strategy update: full focus on Favourite Meeting Places 11/29 CORIO: successfully placed ? 150 m bond issue Summary News Calendar Company Positions Forum CORIO : 12/10/2012| 01:00pm US/Eastern In light of Corio's best in class ambitions in all areas, Corio reviewed its corporate governance structure. As a result, Corio will propose a number of changes to the shareholders during the An

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    14. Good corporate governance is good business

      Good corporate governance is good business

      N. Chandrasekaran, MD & CEO, TCS, in an interview talks about issues related to corporate governance Leslie D’monte Mail Me Comment E-mail Print Tweet First Published: Sun, Dec 09 2012. 11 39 PM IST TCS has the unique advantage of being part of the Tata group which has a long history of managing very ethically, says Chandrasekaran. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint TCS has the unique advantage of being part of the Tata group which has a long history of man

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    15. Editorial: Women Need Bigger Roles in Boardrooms

      It is not often that Indonesia tops a regional list for corporate governance, and the fact that the country leads in boardroom gender diversity should be thoroughly celebrated. A Gender Diversity Report published by GlobeAsia magazine and the Center for Governance, Institutions and Organizations at the National University of Singapore’s Business School found that Indonesia has the highest percentage of women represented in corporate boardrooms at 11.6 percent. This is the highest in Asia but lag

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    16. EU to Boost Investor Power Over Executive Pay in Governance Plan

      By Jim Brunsden on December 07, 2012 * Tweet * Facebook * LinkedIn * Google Plus * Comments * Email * Print More from Businessweek * Help! 911 Texting Coming in 2014, FCC Says * Q&A;: Marketing Brittany Murphy's Last Film * What the Instagram Fight Says About Twitter as a Media Platform * The Facebook Post That Got Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in Trouble With the SEC * Tim Cook's Freshman Year: The Apple CEO Speaks The European Commis

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    17. Case Study: The Penn State Board

      Case Study: The Penn State Board

      The Boardroom Video Series has just completed a full length discussion of the tragedy and crisis that has taken place at Penn State University over the past year. We are joined by three guests who approach the issue strictly from a trustee perspective, not discussing the criminal components of this crisis but instead the action and inaction taken by the Board of Trustees. This video has been designed as a case study and is an excellent learning experience.

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    18. Corporate governance 'has not delivered'

      The UK's corporate governance measures have not delivered and need to be reconsidered if they are to help businesses grow in a sustainable manner, according to an expert. Speaking at a global convention at London's Lords Cricket Ground, Colin Coulson-Thomas said that embracing new governance measures is crucial for modern companies that wish to compete on the global stage. Old governance - which involves a great deal of top-down management and control leadership - is outmoded and cannot cope wit

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