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    1. When it Comes to the Board Room, One Size Doesn't Always Fit All

      Grahall, a cutting edge intellectual capital organization, today announced the release of its 2011 Board of Directors Survey and Research Report. The 325 page report, a must-have for C-Suite executives, leverages Grahall's 30-plus years of consulting to Boards of Directors and provides useful insights into effective Board structures, processes, cultures and talent, thus offering a virtual "seat at the table."

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    2. The art of chairing a board

      A former prime minister, not Canadian and whose name I’ll withhold, whispered into my ear before the board meeting of a bank: “Watch the way I chair this meeting, Richard.” Seeing a meeting chaired almost perfectly is a rarity, so I paid attention—and was not disappointed. Contrast this to another bank board meeting, where the CEO pounded the table, berating a mostly silent chair in front of directors. Both chairs are non-executive, supposedly independent, and yet these meetings played out very

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    3. NACD study shows many corporate boards fail to reflect diversity

      According to the Boston Herald, “the National Association of Corporate Directors’ latest Public Company Governance Survey found that just 47.6 percent of nearly 1,300 stock-traded corporations polled had even one minority member on their boards last year.” That is an improvement over the 43.7 percent who reported minority board members in 2010. However, George Greenidge of the Boston-based National Black College Alliance believes corporations can and should do more. He remarks, “If these firms a

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    4. Panel clears audit firms of Olympus scandal blame

      The scandal, one of corporate Japan's worst, had raised questions over the role of the two audit firms, which signed off on the accounts of the maker of medical equipment and cameras before the 13-year fraud finally surfaced in October. But the panel of lawyers set up by Olympus to look at the role of auditors said in a report on Tuesday that five individual auditors were responsible for 8.4 billion yen ($109 million) in damages. Olympus said later it was suing the five former and current indivi

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    5. NACD and PwC Convene Group to Move the Needle: Diversity and Women in the Boardroom as a Strategic Business Imperative

      NACD and PwC Convene Group to Move the Needle:  Diversity and Women in the Boardroom as a Strategic Business Imperative

      NACD and PwC Convene Group to Move the Needle: Diversity and Women in the Boardroom as a Strategic Business Imperative More Than 100 Corporate Directors and Executives Attend NACD/PwC Forum in New York City to Reinforce the Importance of Strong, Diverse Corporate Boards of Directors Release Date: September 22, 2011 Contact: Henry Stoever, Chief Marketing Officer (202) 572-2102 New York City (September 22, 2011) — Highlighting their ongoing commitment to advance diversity in the boardroom, the Na

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    6. Analysis: Swift takeover for Olympus unlikely

      The long-term approach of major Japanese investors like banks and life insurers, combined with an aversion to foreign and hostile takeovers and uncertainty over lawsuits stemming from the $1.7 billion accounting scandal, will likely make any change of ownership at Olympus a gradual process. The camera and endoscope maker is seeking a friendly capital tie-up with a rival electronics company such as Sony Corp or Fujifilm to bolster its finances after unpicking the 13-year accounting fraud to find

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    7. Six Years Later, The Problem at HP is Still the Board

      Six Years Later, The Problem at HP is Still the Board

      Six years ago, I wrote a post on my blog in the wake of the departure of HP’s (HPQ) then-Chairman Pattie Dunn.  I said then that the problem then wasn’t Dunn, but HP’s board. Since this post, Mark Hurd departed under a cloud, Leo Apotheker was hired and fired in less than a year.  What’s interesting, as I re-read the post is that 3 members of the 2006 board are still there today: Larry Babbio, Sari Baldauf, and John Hammergren. They seem to have imparted the same kinds of dysfunctionality that p

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    8. Record number of women in UK boardrooms

      Record number of women in UK boardrooms

      Some analysts believe attitudes in the City have changed * + Tweet this + + reddit this * Graeme Wearden * guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 10 January 2012 15.51 EST * Article history About this article Close This article was published on guardian.co.uk at 15.51 EST on Tuesday 10 January 2012. A version appeared on p19 of the Main section section of the Guardian on Tuesday 10 January 2012. It was last modified at 04.09 EST o

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    9. The women who are breaking into the boardroom

      News from the Professional Boards Forum that almost 100 women were made directors of the UK's top businesses last year suggested that a Government-commissioned report by former trade minister Lord Davies had been taken seriously by the City. In February, he told corporate Britain that 25 per cent of their directors had to be women by 2015. The hires – which included Stacey Cartwright, the finance director of Burberry who joined GlaxoSmithKline's board; Linda Gillespie Stuntz, who went to Shell,

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    10. Diversity on Boards

      Having a board with diverse perspectives is critically important. Everyone brings his or her own personal and professional contacts and experiences to their service on a nonprofit board. There will always be numerous challenges facing a nonprofit, so it is extremely helpful when a nonprofit is able to build bridges to potential donors or policy makers in the community in a variety of ways and has a board that reflects the diversity of the community served. A diverse board will increase the chanc

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    11. A New Diversity Monitor for the S.E.C. - NYTimes.com

      A New Diversity Monitor for the S.E.C. - NYTimes.com

      A New Diversity Monitor for the S.E.C. By KEVIN ROOSE Brendan Hoffman/Bloomberg News 8:52 a.m. | Updated A provision of the Dodd-Frank Act aimed at bringing more women and minorities to the male-dominated world of finance is moving one step closer to being implemented, after the Securities and Exchange Commission announced this week that it had named Pamela A. Gibbs to head its recently created Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. The provision, which was proposed by Representative Maxine

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    12. The Conference Board

      The recent news that struggling imaging company Eastman Kodak lost three outside directors in a single week prompted me to consider the extent to which non-executive directors flee their companies in times of trouble and why. Evidence that this is not an uncommon phenomenon and that many directors depart for flimsy reasons — such as an increasing board workload — suggest that measures are required to ensure these stewards remain committed to their firms in good times and bad. Fundamentally, it i

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    13. So What About the Board?

      It’s now a year since Michael Porter famously threw down his gauntlet by announcing from on high that all value needed to be Shared Value. That, as I wrote last year, we are moving into the Third Age of corporate-social relations. From old-style “philanthropy” – typically disbursed after corporate titans had made their pile -- to “corporate social responsibility”; from fairtrade to subtler alignments of brand and charitable effort; to something approaching the end of CSR and its sublimation into

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    14. SEC Names Robert Fisher as Deputy Director in Office of International Affairs

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2012-6 Washington, D.C., Jan. 12, 2012 – The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Robert M. Fisher has been named a Deputy Director in the SEC’s Office of International Affairs. Dr. Fisher, who earned his Ph. D. in economics from Duke University, joined the SEC staff in 2002 as a financial economist in the Office of Economic Analysis. He later became an Assistant Director in the Office of International Affairs, where he has been responsible for the SEC’s

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    15. NACD BoardVision - NACD BoardVision – “The role of the board as company spokesperson” - Resources - NACD

      NACD BoardVision - NACD BoardVision – “The role of the board as company spokesperson” - Resources - NACD

      NACD BoardVision – “The role of the board as company spokesperson” Date: 01/06/2012 Peter Gleason, managing director and chief financial officer for the National Association of Corporate Directors discusses the role of the board as company spokesperson with Demetrios Skalkotos, senior vice president of NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions. Click to view the transcript] NACD BoardVision The role of the board as company spokesperson Peter Gleason: Welcome to BoardVision. I’m Peter Gleason, managing di

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    16. Corporate Governance Best Practices

Corporate Governance Best Practices

      Humanist Corporate Governance: A universal model for balancing power and aligning interests Abstract This monograph attempts to add clarity to the complex subject of corporate governance by offering an alternative conceptual model for a corporate board as a parental archetype, and the firm as its android child. Costly, systemic power imbalances and conflicts of interest, inherent in the conventional model, are resolved by applying ancient Roman property law principles (usus, fructus, and abusus)

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    17. Tensions with the Board Not the Norm, Say 98 Percent of CEOs

      Tensions with the Board Not the Norm, Say 98% of CEOs Jan. 11, 2012 — Despite the prominence of headline-making Fortune 500 boardroom clashes in 2011, 98% of U.S. CEOs report having good relationships with their boards of directors, and 95% say they believe their board supports them in the majority of decisions they make, according to a just-released survey from RHR International, a global executive talent development firm. Though these middle-market CEOs represent companies that make up a

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