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    1. Managing Multiple Boards

      Managing Multiple Boards

      Corporate Secretaries can often end up managing five, ten or twenty boards that are either related in some way to, or belong to affiliates. It can be time-consuming and difficult to disseminate information to these diverse boards around the world on a timely basis. As boards continue to become geographically dispersed, and as the fiduciary responsibilities of Corporate Secretaries and Directors increase, ensuring you have a board portal solution with ‘Enterprise Management’ is crucial. Enterprise Management comes into play for “joint” meetings across affiliates allowing the portal Administrator the ability to centralize all distributions and communications to multiple affiliate boards.

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    2. Owl Spring Targets Activism with a Hedge

      Owl Spring Targets Activism with a Hedge

      NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Activist investors such as Carl Icahn, Jeffrey Ubben of ValueAct Capital, Nelson Peltz of Trian Management and Bill Ackman of Pershing Square have spent 2013 engaging companies as big as Apple , Microsoft , Pepsico and Procter & Gamble , however, some funds entering the business are content to take on smaller parts of the stock market. Owl Spring Asset Management, a ...

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    3. Dealpolitik: Alibaba's Governance -- Should Law Decide of Free Market?

      Dealpolitik: Alibaba's Governance -- Should Law Decide of Free Market?

      Once again a major company seems likely to come to the U.S. with a governance structure that would be prohibited on its home country’s stock exchange. Both Nasdaq and the NYSE would be willing to list Alibaba shares after a public offering despite the Chinese company’s unusual governance structure, the Journal reported this week. A group of partners at Alibaba will have the right to nominate a majority of the directors. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has reportedly rejected a listing with this type of management control of the board...

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    4. The Power Of Investors When It Comes To Honing Corporate Governance

      The Power Of Investors When It Comes To Honing Corporate Governance

      Perhaps tangible change towards more diverse and representative global boardrooms will in the end come as a result of the demands of powerful investors. In Canada, the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, a pension fund managing $130bn in assets also happens to have four women on its board of nine directors, including chairwoman Eileen Mercier...

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    5. Damage Control- Here's Hoping You'll Never Need it!

      Damage Control- Here's Hoping You'll Never Need it!

      You’re a Director of a mid-sized transportation company. Your responsibilities include helping with fundraising efforts for this company’s philanthropic causes. Each year, this firm hosts a gala event to raise money for a number of local charities – including helping needy children throughout the state. As we all know, fundraising is difficult enough in a tough economy, without any unexpected hurdles.


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