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    1. A Corporate Governance Wish List for 2013

      A Corporate Governance Wish List for 2013

      Many of us make New Year's resolutions, whether we remain resolved and keep them or not. However, they're often changes we really do need to make in order to make healthy progress in our lives. That's what makes them so hard so much of the time. Sometimes it's simply easier to stick with habits and to what you know. In the spirit of the coming new year and a fresh start on the calendar, let's hope more corporate managements and boards make their resolutions thoughtfully. For example, resolving t

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    2. Shareholder Rights Make Progress

      Years ago, if you mentioned "corporate governance," most investors' eyes would glaze over. It's not difficult to imagine many proxy statements tossed unread into many trash cans, even though these documents represented important disclosures and, even more significant, shareholders' votes and ownership stakes in businesses. Somehow, the prevailing notion became that profit and share price were the only things that mattered in investing, and board composition, voting rights, and CEO pay issues wer

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    3. Corporate Responsibility Spotlight: AT&T

      Telecom giant AT&T ( ) may not be the first company that comes to mind for a socially responsible investor, although it has made great strides in corporate responsibility. Having recently released its 2011 Sustainability Report, AT&T makes a great candidate for scrutiny. First, we will check out the positives in environmental, social, and governance aspects, then move on to the negative sides of the company. The Good Stuff: Environmental Since releasing its first Social Responsibility Report in

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    4. When Companies Need Investor Intervention

      Such principles apply to the relationship between shareholders and those who are charged with the responsibility of being good stewards of the companies that shareholders have ploughed their money into: corporate managements and boards. When corporate managements and boards become addicted to power, they take advantage of shareholders over and over, even when it's clear they're behaving in ways that destroy shareholder value. Putting a stop to such behavior requires the will power to quit enabli

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