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    1. Minerals Technologies Board of Directors Elects Douglas T. Dietrich Chief Executive Officer 13

      The Board of Directors of Minerals Technologies Inc. ( NYSE: MTX) announced today that it has elected Douglas T. Dietrich, 47, as Chief Executive Officer. "After an extensive search process, the Board of Directors has determined that Doug Dietrich is the most qualified candidate to assume the leadership of Minerals Technologies," said Duane R. Dunham, Chairman of the Board.

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    2. KIT digital Reconstitutes Board of Directors William V. Russell and Greg B. Petersen to Join Board; Daniel W. Hart and Lars Kroijer to Step Down

      As KIT digital takes steps to enhance its Board of Directors, the company seeks to continue its efforts regarding corporate governance and strategic matters in order to advance the interests of all the company's shareholders. The company is also continuing ...

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