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    1. Need for the right independent directors and auditors

      The gross corporate misdemeanors reported by Indian and overseas financial analysts make it imperative to revisit the process of appointment of independent directors and auditors—statutory and internal The CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) chairman-headed report on black money suggestion to set up a regulator to empanel statutory auditors for corporate India is a long overdue solution to the gross financial irregularities resulting in massive corporate frauds in GTB, Satyam and now Addidas-Re

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    2. RBI chief rues corporate governance deficit in public sector banks. Is there no

      The RBI should look at converting the PSBs into limited companies and take steps to amend the laws to make them more accountable to the public shareholders and comply with the listing guidelines, both in letter and spirit In a frank admission of corporate governance deficit in public sector bank (PSBs), Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor, Dr D Subbarao, made a couple of very thoughtful remarks at a function organised to celebrate the completion of 30 years of National Bank for Agriculture and

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    3. Corporate governance: What boards of large NBFC MFIs can do on the ground

      Corporate governance is the collective responsibility of the directors. While we can have impressive norms for corporate governance, they cannot be effectively enforced through regulation alone While the previous Moneylife article (How to make the boards of large NBFC MFIs implement corporate governance norms in practice? (Part I) discussed critical issues with regard to corporate governance in large NBFC MFIs, this article explores what MFI (microfinance institution) boards can (themselves) do

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    4. Corporate Governance: What really matters

      Corporate Governance: What really matters

      Recently a proxy advisory firm exposed how the independent directors of Escorts and institutional investors have allowed the Escorts management to push through a proposal that would increase the management’s stake. The move is against the interest of minority shareholders and the independent directors and institutional shareholders should have protested, says the advisory firm. Among the independent directors are some of India’s finest names: Dr MGK Menon, Dr SA Dave and SC Bhargava. Among the i

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