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    1. Putting More Women at the Helm of Corporate Boards

      Putting More Women at the Helm of Corporate Boards

      Women make great board chairs. If only there were more of them. Since 2010, we have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of female directors in many developed economies. Yet the number of female board chairs has remained very low . Even in Sweden, which leads the world in this aspect, a mere 15 percent of the largest public companies were chaired by women...

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    2. 11 Leadership Guidelines for the Digital Age

      11 Leadership Guidelines for the Digital Age

      Ten years ago, when we would ask senior executives or company directors what “digital” meant to them, their response would usually be something related to social media. Today, it might be apps, Big Data, 3D printing, “the cloud” or another current example of digital technology. All such answers are equally correct – and equally in error...

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    3. Struggle In The Boardroom

      Struggle In The Boardroom

      The prospect of mandatory quotas for women on European company boards seems to have receded, but European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding’s campaign for quotas has pushed the issue of gender diversity firmly to the forefront of public debate. What happens next will depend as much on corporate leaders as on politicians. “There is indeed a glass ceiling for women in business,” says Ludo Van der Heyden, INSEAD’s Mubadala Chaired Professor in Corporate Governance and Strategy,” and the main

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