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    1. How to Engage Boards on Hot-Button Topics

      How to Engage Boards on Hot-Button Topics

      How to Engage Boards on Hot-Button Topics According to two association leaders, CEOs need to engage boards on social issue challenges. And they can do it without things getting messy. Since the start of the pandemic, nonprofit boards have been busier than ever—more meetings, more Zoom calls. But despite all that conversation, boards can still struggle to determine their proper role. That’s especially true as pressure to take on social issues has increased...

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    2. Board Performance Matters

      Board Performance Matters

      While association CEOs score their boards as needing improvement on several strategic responsibilities, a picture of effective governance practices and their impact on organizational health emerges in What Makes High-Performing Boards: Effective Governance Practices in Member-Serving Organizations, new from ASAE’s Association Management Press...

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