1. 21st Century Fox

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    1. I am grateful to Rupert for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime and truly believe there isn't a Company out there that's more exciting, with more growth potential, than 21st Century Fox. I look forward to continuing to work with Rupert to support Lachlan and James in their new positions.
      In James Murdoch is the Next Fox CEO
    2. I am grateful to Rupert Murdoch for taking the risk on Fox News to see it become the number one 24-hour news network in America. I look forward to working with Rupert, Lachlan and James to do my part to help bring 21st Century Fox well into the future.
      In Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes Signs New Multi-Year Contract with 21st Century Fox
    3. The 21st Century Fox board has recommended that shareholders reject the proposal, stating that
      In 21st Century Fox Pressed by Investment Group to Overhaul Board