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    2. Dell Buyout Lurches Toward an Inevitable Finish

      Dell Buyout Lurches Toward an Inevitable Finish
      When law professor Brian Quinn was teaching about leveraged buyouts earlier this year, he thought he finally had a model transaction to show his students:DellInc.DELL+0.07%. Months later, following a storm of controversy, delays to a shareholder vote and a change to voting rules in exchange for a sweetened bid, Mr. Quinn isn't so sure he can put Dell's nearly $25 billion buyout on a ...
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    3. Activist Shareholder Takes Aim at Billabong's Board

      Activist Shareholder Takes Aim at Billabong's Board
      A storm is brewing over Australian surfwear retailerBillabong InternationalLtd.'sBBG.AU+1.03%boardroom. U.S.-based Coastal Capital International is pressing for a meeting of Billabong shareholders to decide of the ouster on most of the debt-laden companys directors. Only founder Gordon Merchant and his former personal assistant, Colette Paul, would be exempt from the vote if the meeting takes place...
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    4. A Lesson for Boardroom Battles

      A Lesson for Boardroom Battles
      Proxy access may be dead in the United States, but it lives in Israel, to the great regret ofTaro PharmaceuticalIndustries. Taro is facing a proxy battle involving two external directors nominated by the asset management firm BlueMountain Capital Management. While unfortunate for Taro, it all shows an alternative universe of what, for better or worse, could have happened had proxy access been in place in the United States...
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  2. Quotes about activist investors

    1. This is fertile ground for activist investors.
      In Investors Push U.S. Shale Firms to Separate Executive Pay from Drilling
    2. Corporate constitutions in some European jurisdictions can make it more difficult to yield the right results for activist investors versus the U.S., but for Elliott they know the vagaries of European corporate laws and defense tactics very well.
      In U.S. Hedge Fund Elliott Amps up Campaigns in Europe
    3. We think that ValueAct are more serious than some activist investors but their interest is mainly in extracting what their name would imply: value.
      In Rolls Shareholders Split Over Activist Investor