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    2. Rising Insurance Prices and Intensifying Risks

      Rising Insurance Prices and Intensifying Risks
      While 2020 will be remembered as a difficult year for many people and organizations, the year ahead is not likely to be much easier for public company directors and officers. As companies and senior leaders plan for 2021, managing directors and officers liability (DO) insurance programs and related risks will be crucial. Here are five DO trends that risk professionals should watch closely...
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    3. Didi and Luckin's New York Debacles Shed Light on Corporate Liability Insurance as Shield Against Class Action Lawsuits

      Didi Global's New York listing debacle is shedding light on a little-known area of insurance that protects corporate directors and officers (DO) from legal liability, as a number of law firms are soliciting shareholders to sign up for class-action lawsuits in US courts. Class action suits related to the securities industry jumped to 334 cases in the United States last year, 49 per cent higher than the average between ...
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    4. Toshiba Director Resigns Warning of More Instability at Company

      Toshiba Director Resigns Warning of More Instability at Company
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